Networks: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)

What are Networks?

Each Network is made up of eight to ten people in each of the four nations, who meet to discuss a common yet complex challenge using a set of pre-prepared materials. They meet regularly over a period of six months, feeding back to the Networks Lead each time.

Members will share their experiences and learnings and suggest practical and scale-able ideas for an action plan.

Current Projects

Contacting for Support: Remodelling the front door

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Care workforce wellbeing

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People with learning disabilities / autistic people leaving long-stay hospitals

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Hospital discharge for older people

Social care in rural areas

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Relationships between care homes and their residents / local communities

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Previous Projects

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Project Team


Networks Lead
[email protected]

I’m a Research Fellow at the Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities (CIRCLE), University of Sheffield. My research has focused on technology and its role in care systems in the UK and further afield. I am passionate about supporting change in adult social care and learning from those with practice and lived experience.


Networks Manager
[email protected]

I worked in the anti-slavery/anti-trafficking sector for almost ten years in various roles from direct casework to safe house manager. My background includes trauma informed training delivery; engagement in advocacy for policy change in the sector; facilitating multi-agency working and engagement with survivors with lived experience. I strongly believe in the saying “nothing about us, without us” when it comes to working to improve the lives of people.

Dr Maria
Teresa Ferazzoli

Deputy Networks Lead
[email protected]

What I really found exciting about IMPACT is knowing that my future work as an academic is not defined by ‘a gap in the literature’ but by the real problems of real people in social care. My main research interests include the provision of mental health support in different countries. I have worked on research projects that explore particularly sensitive subjects, including human trafficking, support for parents experiencing neonatal death and inequal access to social care and migration.


Networks Administrator
[email protected]

I joined IMPACT as it aims to make a real difference in people’s lives, and contributing to this gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction. I’ve always worked in the health or education sector, but since I joined The University of Sheffield, in 2017, I worked in the Research Design Service. This NIHR-funded service provided free design and methodological support to health, public health and social care researchers who were developing research applications.