Our Projects

IMPACT works in local sites across the UK with four different types of projects (our ‘delivery models’).  These provide four different ways to support evidence-informed changes for the different issues, challenges, and opportunities that adult social care faces.  We also work to embed what we’ve learned in national policy and practice.

Our Delivery Models


Major strategic issues and long-term change

Led by Robin Miller, Demonstrators explore how we can use evidence to address a major strategic issue and are co-produced with local stakeholders. Demonstrator Coaches work with local people, and draw on evidence, to understand the issue and how it can be addressed, before facilitating an evidence informed change programme.

Demonstrators: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)


Bringing local people together to work on practical changes

Led by Kate Hamblin, there are Networks made up of eight to ten people in each of the four nations, who meet to discuss a common yet complex challenge using a set of pre-prepared materials. Each Network meets regularly over a period of six months to share their experiences and learnings to suggest ideas for an action plan.

Networks: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)


Bottom-up change projects in local services

Lead by Karen Watchman, Facilitators work within a local organisation leading an evidence-informed change project. Through close collaboration, Facilitators review evidence, lead local change and evaluate in order to share learnings and outcomes for replication across the sector.

Facilitators: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)


Accessible guides and resources

Working with the University of Birmingham’s Knowledge and Evidence Service, Ask IMPACT will be a trusted repository of practical guides, based on existing evidence, in response to challenges the sector is facing.

Ask IMPACT: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)

Guides and Resources

Recruitment and Retention

Ask IMPACT explored ways to recruit and retain staff in adult social care

Values-Based Recruitment

Our Networks explored the implementation of Values-Based Recruitment in adult social care

Direct Payments and ethnicity

Our Facilitator explored the experiences of direct payments in black and minority ethnic communities