Ask IMPACT: IMPACT Delivery Model (Video)

What is Ask IMPACT?

Ask IMPACT identifies ‘hot topics’ across adult social care, reviews existing evidence and produces very accessible guides to help people with the challenges and opportunities they’re facing.  Ask IMPACT guides are designed to be really rigorous, but also practical and really accessible – building up a collection of trusted materials over time.

Ask IMPACT Guides

Recruitment & Retention within Social Care Services

Ask IMPACT has looked at the difficulty of recruiting and retaining staff within adult social care, and explored what can help.

Project Team


Knowledge and Evidence Lead

I have over 20 years’ experience in library and information management, supporting staff, students and researchers within academia and the wider health & social care sectors. Joining IMPACT has given me the opportunity to play an innovative and exciting role in both the search for and the dissemination of “evidence” into practice within adult social care at a very practical level.