Home care models across the UK

New home care models across the UK

Project Background

Our three projects, East Ayrshire (Scotland), Leeds (England), Gwynedd (Wales, worked across transforming connections and enabling the foundations for radical change.

IMPACT’s Intergrated Neighbourhood Team Projects have identified a change process for Social Care change initiatives. When considering change or transformation, we assess where on the flowchart key stakeholders assume the change process is located, where the actual status quo is, and where we need to be. Change Readiness has been found to be the most important element of any change process. 

The Change Process

  • Need for Change
  • Change Readiness
  • Mobilisation
  • Review & Adaptation
  • Adoption
  • Embedding

ADKAR Model of Change Management

The ADKAR Model of Change Management is an outcome-oriented change management method that aims to limit resistance to organisational change.

  1. Awareness: that there is a need for change
  2. Desire: to participate and support change
  3. Knowledge: of how to change
  4. Ability: to implement desired skills and behaviours
  5. Reinforcement: to sustain change

Gwynedd Embedding Home Care Redesign

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Leeds Transforming Home Care Project 

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East Ayrshire Communities of Practice 

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