The value of adult social care to us all: joint statement to National Party Leaders

“Irrespective of the colour of your rosette, we know you’re seeking high office because you care about the future of our country. Now is a great chance to demonstrate that driving motivation.

Avoid the trap of politicising the debate about the future of care and support. We all know from experience that the net result of that is greater apathy and disappointment. Instead, extol the virtues and value of care and support as we have described them above. Recognise the role of social care at every level of society. Give people reasons to be hopeful, not alarmed. Above all, make adult social care about all of us.

Prof Jon Glasby, University of Birmingham and Director, Improving Adult Care Together (IMPACT) joins over 40 other co-signatories, in setting out the importance of recognising the role social care plays at every level of society ahead of the 2024 General Election.

Read the statement in full here.